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Various Frosch Examples


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S/42 Mauser Werke, Oberndorf                 

Frosch stamped with S/42. This apparently indicates Mauser Werke, Oberndorf.

Note the waffenampt stamped on the front of this example. Waffenampt also present on back of sling leather on this example.


A & Co. 39

Frosch stamped with "A & Co. 39"



Frosch stamped "GMK". Sling otherwise devoid of markings.


Frosch stamped with what appears to be "COG". Buckle stamped with "L&F"


1851 OK

Frosch stamped with "1851 OK".


CLC 45                 

This one is difficult to read. Frosch stamped with what appears to be "CLC 45"


Frosch stamped with what appears to be "DOESCHL or "BOESCHL".


Unknown stamping. Email if you have seen another.

RAO RAD RAQ                 

Frosch stamped with what appears to be "RAO" "RAD" or "RAQ". I need a better example and picture. Email if you know of one.

Leo Schmidt o.H.G. Munchen15 1937

Frosch stamped with "Leo Schmidt o.H.G. Munchen15 1937.



Frosch stamped with "W" encircled by factory name and "OFFENBACH 1939"


L.S. Fkw 1938                 

Frosch stamped with "L.S. Fkw 1938".

SEIBOD 1939 Offenbach A.M

UNIL? "SEIBOD 1939 Offenbach A.M."


gan 41

Frosch stamped with "gan 41"


Eugen Huber 1939 MUNCHEN                 

Frosch stamped with "Eugen Huber 1939 MUNCHEN"



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