German K98 G43 98K Slings Manufactured in 1938

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               1938 Sling German Slings       Frosch L.S. Fkw 1938

Sling Example 19

Frosch (sling holder) stamped with an "L.S. Fkw 1938".  Plenty of cracks and gouges though quite structurally sound. This one was fairly ugly. Ricasso or hatched pattern somewhat weak at around 15%. Minor stretching around first two button holes  Leather on underside near buckle stamped with something but I can't make it out..."193?".



Sling Example 31

Frosch stamped with "L.S. Fkw 1938"  Ricasso or hatched pattern one is visible throughout but weak in some areas. Quite structurally strong with nice thick leather. Stitching on buckle missing part of threading. The is the second one I have seen like this so I am beginning to wonder if this one was made that way. There does not seem to be any remaining evidence of middle stitching.


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German K98 G43 98K Slings Manufactured in 1938, Sling, L.S. Fkw 1938